My more abstract paintings are oil on canvas worked as stains often with little or no white paint where I work transparently in the tradition of watercolor, leaving the highlights and pushing the form back with color. I’m inspired by blown glass, warped reflections in metal and water, plants, and anatomy. This process is akin to the ball point pen crosshatch drawings I do, where the form grows out of the process and there is no going back to white once the marks are made.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with using white with oil paints in a more traditional manner. For these pieces I’ve returned to more recognizable subject matter and a more realistic rendering style choosing to focus instead on building form and color. These pieces will no doubt inform my abstracts in the future.

My commercial work is mostly done with latex house paint. I also incorporate colorants obtained from industrial paint companies mixed with glazing medium to achieve the same type of glow that I get with transparent oils.

The larger drawings are made with charcoal powder and water. I use the water as a resist and then guide the charcoal marks with the water volume, direction and speed. Then I draw with charcoal, returning to the washes when needed. These works are delicate and are inspired by water, birds, bones, branches, and rock formations.

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Fine Art

Scenic Painting/Commission Work


Faux Finishes